Impact madagascar & sifaka project annual report 2018


This year, because of your generous donations, we’ve done so much for the people and wildlife of Madagascar. Partnering with Cotswolds Wildlife Park and Gardens, we built a school in Anosibe. We launched an ecotourism initiative in Mandrava, and led a massive community education classes in Mahajeby, attended by 970 local people!

Check out our latest report and see how we're making an Impact in Madagascar with your help.


In 2017, we collected behavior data from Woolly Lemurs living near timber plantations, we taught sustainable farming techniques and pest control to local villagers, we planted a forest of saplings...and more! 

In 2016, you helped us work with Sifaka Conservation to observe and count Crowned Sifakas in Madiromirafy, and empower local villagers to preserve endangered habitats in Ankirihitra!