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UPDATE: Our 2016 and 2017 Annual Reports are available! 

Who we are

Initially conceived in 2013, but founded formally in 2014, Impact Madagascar is a Malagasy non-profit organization whose focus is implementing and maintaining actions to benefit and empower local communities.

From development and forest conservation, to recycling and arts education, we are proud to sponsor a variety of projects which will aid in building a bright and sustainable future for the people of Madagascar, and the rest of the world.

Our mission is to work with the people of Madagascar to provide solutions for the problems of deforestation, pollution, and poverty. Madagascar is a unique and beautiful country, whose remote location and isolated population present a set of unique challenges when approaching biodiversity conservation projects. We believe that it is not possible to protect the environment without also considering the people who depend on its resources on a daily basis. As such, our small team of staff and specialist volunteers work alongside local people, sharing their expertise in ecology, sustainability, education and development, in order to build capacity at the community level.


Our goal

Our goal is protect and conserve Madagascar’s unique biodiversity while improving the lives of its people. We wish to implement permanent change through collaboration with local people, creating a foundation on which we can build a better world.

We aim to make a positive impact, through the support of local people and the protection of biodiversity.


Our approach

Our integrative approach to biodiversity conservation and development is reflected in our range of projects; from ecological conservation to training and education, and from recycling to construction. Our goal is to create these projects alongside cities and villages, working with local populations to develop strategies which promote conservation and preservation within the parameters of daily life. Adding the sense of sustainability is crucial in order to help people living in harmony with nature for their entire life, and for future generations.

What we do


Ecological Research

There are more endemic plants and animals found in Madagascar than anywhere else in the world, but rapid deforestation threatens the country’s unique biodiversity and already less than 10% of original forest cover remains. At Impact Madagascar, we are involved in a number of ecological research programmes targeting the country’s most threatened species and habitats. This research is vital in ensuring that future conservation strategies are effective.

Alongside research programmes, Impact Madagascar also implements conservation activities with local people, such as threat monitoring with local patrols and agents. We strongly believe that conservation solutions must be implemented with community development at their core. We therefore involve local people in all stages of our conservation projects, providing training and education, and encouraging community-led forest management. We've established a reforestation programme with which we aim to restore forest habitat via an annual tree planting programme. But we also aim to help the energy and firewood needs of local people by planting fast growing species for the community. Local people are trained and then paid to monitor these programmes with the Impact team. 



Community Development

Madagascar has a population of over 20 million people, three quarters of whom live in rural communities. The basic needs of the population are met by relying on the forests which we seek to protect. Furthermore, Madagascar is considered one of the poorest countries in the world; around 50% of Madagascar’s growing population live well below the poverty line, with 70% surviving on less than one dollar a day. Through our community-based projects we also aim to improve quality of life. Our alternative livelihoods projects encourage more sustainable sources of income, and promote the production and sale of local produce. In addition, we provide training in modern farming and agricultural techniques and short cycle breeding programmes, which we hope will replace the traditional and low-yielding practices which are currently used.

Environmental Education

Integral to our mission is the education and empowerment of young people, and through our environmental education programme we provide the next generation with the skills and knowledge to protect their environment. We also believe that children should be encouraged, from a young age to value and care for nature and the world around them; through our Art Workshops, we use creativity to inspire young children, whilst our EcoBrick programme is a fun and simple way to promote the importance of recycling.


More information on all of these and more can be found on

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