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Impact Madagascar Field UPDATE! (part 3) May, 2017

Sifaka Project at Dabolava (District of Miandrivazo ; Menabe Region, Province of Toliary)

Reforestation, seedling maintenance and development of collaboration agreement with VOI Rianala in Dabolava


The enlargement of reforestation areas in border regions continues with the support of the local authorities. This encourages new people, who may not have been present during the first collective tree-planting session carried out by Sifaka Conservation and local authorities in February, to join in the second time around! 

During this second session of tree planting (February 23rd), about 100 people were involved, headed by the president of the VOI Rianala and the first deputy mayor of the commune of Dabolava. The villagers were able to plant 470 seedlings of fast-growing species on that day, which spread out over an area of 0 m x 70 m located on the eastern flank of the Amboloando forest. In total, the number of seedlings planted for reforestation in 2017 (with local communities) is 2,826, covering an area of hectares. This increases the area available lemurs in the forest of Amboloando to 3%, and also reduces the discontinuity of the habitat.

Maintenance techniques were put in place before the start of the dry season. In addition, we have planted green fertilizers (Crotalaria sp and Cesbania cesban) in no-till areas in order to return nutrients to the soil and accelerate seedling growth. A firewall belt will surround reforestation areas, while regular maintenance and patrols are to be carried out by the technical agents.

FInally, we organized a meeting with the clerk of the VOI Rianala to discuss collaboration, and to strengthen conservation activities in the forest of Amboloando. An 2-year renewable agreement was drawn up, stipulating that Sifaka Conservation Project will provide technical and material support for conservation activities, and VOI Rianala will ensure the availability of resources as well as the follow-up for planned activities by their members.