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Impact Madagascar Field UPDATES! (Part 2) May, 2017

Sifaka Conservation Project at Madiromirafy (District of Maevatanana ; Betsiboka Region, Province of Mahajanga)

Reinforcing the Capacity of Local Management Committees (COBA or VOI AINA) in Madiromirafy

The rural commune of Madiromirafy is known for its rich biodiversity and for the fragility of its renewable natural resources. These resources, which include forest resources (gallery forest, dry forest, and savannah), crop area, pasture area, and wetlands, are currently under management of the Local Base Community (COBA) or Vondron’Olona Ifotony (VOI) Aina Madiromirafy.

The VOI objectives are to protect and conserve these natural resources in order to manage them in a sustainable way, for the welfare of the local population. To achieve these objectives, the VOI Aina and the Fishermen’s Association have set up monitoring committees called ‘forest police’ and ‘water police’.

The Sifaka Conservation Project supports the capacity building of the local Community Management Committees (COGE), and works closely with the technical departments concerned, namely the Regional Directorate for Ecology, Environment and Forests (DREEF) and the Regional Directorate for Fisheries (DRRHP) in the Betsiboka region. These organisations will provide theoretical and practical training to the VOI and management committees on the implementation of their activities. This training enables the VOI to independently manage renewable natural resources in a way which is sustainable, efficient and effective.

A training course on managing Associations and simple accounting was provided to the management committees,  organized by the Sifaka Conservation Project, the Betsiboka DREEF and the Betsiboka DRRHP. The rules and laws in force concerning clearing, bush fires and fishing were covered during the training. The roles and responsibilities of each member of the management committee were also clarified.

Training of the management committee

Training of the management committee

Training of the local forest and water police

Training of the local forest and water police